Our Profile

Imagery and imagination for compelling design solutions and complete customer satisfaction.

Eyedeal Graphics is a north eastern ohio graphic design agency that is passionate about delivering creative and effective design solutions. Built on a hard working team of design and business professionals, the Eyedeal staff offers our design services for logo, print, web, and signage-based projects.


We Listen

The first step to any successful project is critical listening. Listening allows us to identify each client’s needs and goals, their target audience, along with personal tastes and opinions. We ask questions and make observations that shape the objectives of our subsequent design decisions and creative process.


We Explore

A quality design begins with a solid understanding of a project’s objectives based on empirical information. We gather project insight, for the client’s specific marketplace, through exploration into current design trends and relevant industry standards and consumer expectations.


We Create

This is where the creative magic happens. Our design staff combines their professional skills and creative juices together with the project’s concrete objectives and the client’s personalized desires. This process yields a design that is both aesthetically and functionally successful.


We Refine

The refinement process is a critical combination of project analysis, design clarification, and client consultation. We gather client feedback from the initial design concept, ask further questions if necessary, and generate updates that address all relevant needs. Client consultation is a major portion of the refinement process as we strive to maintain open communication with the customer providing information, education and progress status as the project nears completion.


We Deliver

Project delivery is the highly anticipated culmination of the design process and our goal is to deliver complete customer satisfaction. For Eyedeal Graphics, delivery is more than finishing a project and sending an invoice. We want to be certain that a project is completed properly regardless if the final deliverable is a printed brochure, pages of a website, or a sign installed on the customer’s office building.