Kevin Denee


Eyedeal Graphics Team - Kevin Denee

Kevin joined our Eyedeal Graphics team in November 2016 as an executive consultant. Having served as an operations director, he brings a wide variety of leadership and industry experience, specifically in the areas of search engine marketing, social media, graphic design, website design and development, as well as in overall project management.

For over ten years, Kevin led the team which pioneered extensive online advertising campaigns, starting with Google AdWords. These successful efforts expanded into other channels and grew more dynamic as the industry developed. A proponent of technology, Kevin’s career has been focused on ensuring that business strategies were always intersecting with the cutting edge of technology, while maintaining tactical focus on the organization’s key performance indicators. Skilled in services such as Google Analytics, he is able to present website traffic data in easy-to-understand ways. Kevin also has years of experience in utilizing Social Media to successfully and efficiently promote business goals.

Kevin has overseen the facilitation of publications, websites and literature production. He has had many public speaker opportunities, and has written dozens of articles. He enjoys getting involved in the community, and is passionate about serving others on a variety of levels. He is a cub scout leader and has interests in child development and education. As a devoted husband and father to three young boys, his family is central to his life.

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